10 seriously easy things cis people can do 

Disconnect – Robot Hugs [a beautiful illustration of the struggles of being non-binary]

Body and Gender Fragments [wonderful writing about gender dysphoria]

Transwhat? Allyship – first steps

Myths about transition regrets

How to spot anti-trans concern trolls

A discussion on the topic “pronouns hurt people’s feelings”

Stop Confusing Gender Dysphoria with Body Dismorphia Already

Gender Dysphoria and Autism

Living Between Genders – an article about trans & autistic people

Conversations with a Gender Therapist: 5 Things You Can Do to Promote Transgender Awareness

Response to Dr. Jack Drescher and the New York Times About Childhood Transition: Part 1: [A helpful response to those who question whether children can know they are transgender]

I’m a transgender woman, and this is what it’s like [One woman debunks some of the myths]

Gender Abolition as Colonisation [a good analysis of the transcultural issues attached to our western debates on gender]

The Myth of Shared Female Experience and How It Perpetuates Inequality

Not your mom’s trans 101

Transgender History: Trans Expression in Ancient Times

Masculinity is killing men: The roots of men and trauma

The authenticity gap: Are trans people really ‘real’?



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