Working with LGB+ people

Really, this should say LGBIQA+ (The T has a separate section on this site), but people seem to be confounded by the idea we might want lots of words to describe ourselves! Personally, for me, the more the words, the deeper the story.

I take an intersectional approach to training on gender and sexuality, Here are some of the online resources I draw from:

Resources for therapists 

Resources for educators


LGB+ and race

LGB asylum seekers 

Minority Stress

  • Minority Stress Model – Prejudice, Social Stress, and Mental Health in Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Populations: Conceptual Issues and Research Evidence, Ilan H. Meyer
  • Cambridge study





Here are some LGB+ people worth learning more about – and some surprising things still to learn about people we think we may already know.

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